Dans le Noir ? AUCKLAND

    A unique sensory experience

    OPENING ON 23 MARCH 2023

  • Dans le Noir ? AUCKLAND

    Dans le Noir ? AUCKLAND

    Convivial, inclusive, unusual

    OPENING ON 23 MARCH 2023

  • A sensory experience

    Dans le Noir ? AUCKLAND

    One of the 10 most original restaurants in the world

    OPENING ON 23 MARCH 2023




Dans Le Noir ? restaurants

Since 2004, Dans le Noir ? restaurant offers all over the world the opportunity to taste gourmet, creative and seasonal cuisine in complete darkness, accompanied and served by unexpected guides. Dinner or lunch in pitch darkness is an original experience that allows us to re-evaluate our perception of taste while reclaiming our senses, to reinvigorate our relationship with the world and others and to experience a surprising encounter with something different.

After opening the first Pacific restaurant in 2017, Dans le Noir ? is proud to welcome you to the Grand Millennium Hotel with an opening scheduled for 23 March 2023.




Regularly ranked among the 10 most original restaurants in the world, Dans le Noir? is a unique venue where we care about our social and environmental responsibility.


Dans le Noir ? Auckland was among the finalists for the 2018 Attitude Awards (Diversability category) & 2018 Attitude Awards (Attitude ACC employer award). Dans le Noir ? carries the social and human values of the city.


Akihiro Nakamura’s cuisine is creative, delightful and authentic with japanese inspiration. His food is based on the selection of high quality ingredients, especially fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. All our menus are tested and improved through tastings by sensory experts in pitch darkness.pitch darkness.


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Thursday 06 April 2023

Dans le Noir ? Auckland: Organise an event like never before!

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by Aurore

Corporate events are an amazing way to connect with colleagues, clients, and partners. Looking for organising a memorable event? Dans le Noir ? Auckland is your answer! Dans le Noir ? is a unique dining experience that takes place entirely in the dark. Guests are guided through the experience by blind guides who serve and entertain while stimulating the senses. Dining in complete darkness is a truly unforgettable experience that creates a sense of unity and teamwork.

Corporate events at Dans le Noir ?

Corporate events at Dans le Noir ? Auckland are designed to be engaging and immersive. We work with our clients to create customised events that meet their specific needs. Whether you're hosting a client evening, team cohesion or new product promotion, we'll work with you to ensure that your event is a huge success.

Why hold a corporate event in the dark ?

The experience of dining in the dark is ideal for team-building events. Dans le Noir ? Auckland is an excellent way to break down barriers between colleagues and clients, encouraging open communication and collaboration.Clients will be impressed by the unusual experience and attention to detail. Our menu is carefully crafted by Akihiro Nakamura. From starter to dessert, our dishes are designed to surprise and delight. We also adapt to every food allergy, restriction and special dietary. In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique and unforgettable venue for your next corporate event in the heart of the CBD, look no further than Dans le Noir ? Auckland.

Book your event and experience the thrill of dining in the dark!
Contact us at: 
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+020 4003 6995


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Thursday 16 March 2023


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by Aurore


Closed due to the pandemic after 3 years of being one of the most amazing dining experiences of the capital, we are coming back with a new partnership: the Grand Millennium Auckland Hotel, which is located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from the Sky Tower. 
Whether or not you've had the opportunity to experience a Dans le Noir ? dinner, here are 5 reasons why you should try it (again) :

1) The most original restaurant in Auckland

Need to get out of your comfort zone? Come to Dans le Noir ? Auckland and live a new, surprising, and unusual experience to awaken all your senses.
One more adventure to check off your bucket list. It’s the only restaurant where you can eat in pitch darkness in Auckland. This concept will challenge your senses and will be the topic of discussion during your next family meal.

2) Taste Akihiro Nakamura’s cuisine

He is the Chef of the Katsura restaurant located inside the Grand Millennium Hotel! Akihiro Nakamura is passionate about delivering an authentic experience using the best, highest-quality ingredients. 

Dans le Noir ? Auckland is a fine dining experience with Japanese inspiration. Smell the different flavors, touch the textures, taste the ingredients, and enjoy a three-course menu that will bring you on a deep journey. 

3) Vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant 

Our mystery menu is suitable for all vegetarians and vegans. Enjoy a three-course menu free of animal products. We are flexible to accommodate all your expectations (gluten-free, dairy-free..). 
We pay special attention to your allergies or dietary requirements and will double-check when you come to the restaurant. 

4) Live a social media detox

If the first thing you do every morning is to grab your phone and check your Insta feed before feeding yourself, you probably need a little digital detox. At Dans le Noir ?, Auckland's unique dark restaurant, we've rounded up everything that might glow in the dark before you experience it. Phones, watches, and any source of light are not tolerated. This is one of the most powerful principles of the evening: you'll reconnect with your friends, colleagues, and partners, and even make some new friends at your dinner table, without being interrupted by text messages or notifications on your phone. This is one of the great powers of the darkroom so enjoy it!

5) THE place to bring your date

Take your date to Dans le Noir ? Auckland is a great opportunity to get to know each other differently. This fine dining experience will allow you to deeply connect with each other during an intimidating moment. A unique idea for a couple's outing in central Auckland!


This reopening is dedicated to our dear Parveen Shankar, a symbol of our concept in Auckland. 


Book now your experience: https://auckland.danslenoir.com/booking-auckland.html

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Saturday 07 March 2020

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2020: Meet Carolyn, guide at Dans le Noir? Auckland restaurant

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by chanael

At the occasion of International Women Day we want to introduce you during the whole week Dans le Noir ? guides from all over the world. Women living in differents countries but who are sharing the same daily life. Women who have made their disability a strength and who highly inspired our concept. his is why this week we put on the spotlight thoses who guide you in the dark.

What does it mean to be a vision impaired / blind woman in today’s society?

For me it means being able to live independently and set goals. It also provides me with the opportunity to advocate for others in the blindness community and by doing this I hope to make things better for us. Unemployment in our community is high and I want to make employers aware of the fact that blind and vision impaired women are and can be valued employees.


What woman inspires you?

There are two women I find inspiring. Firstly Helen Keller. As a Deaf / Blind Woman the expectations of her abilities were underestimated. Being able to travel and spread a strong message that no matter how bad things are you can have a fulfilled life. The second is my Mum. Without her strength and determination I would not be the active independent woman I am today. She believed in me and expected the same from me whether I was blind or not. She is an awesome lady.


Which adjective best describes you?

“Determined”. I set goals and challenges for myself and I follow through.


Find more portraits of Dans le Noir ? guides on our LinkedIn page!

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Thursday 05 March 2020

A unique experience in Auckland: a Dining in the Dark restaurant

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by chanael

Discover Dans le Noir ? THE restaurant experience to live in Auckland

When one hears the words, “Dining in the Dark” they conjure up images of food stains on clothing and spilt beverages. Shortly after, they frequently asked questions. How do I navigate in the dark? How do I eat in the dark? How will I know what I’m eating?  Some will see this as an opportunity for a bit of fun; a challenge to test their senses against those of their partner, friends and family. It will give you an understanding of challenges that the visually impaired face and you will be left with a greater appreciation of the things that sighted people take for granted.

The initial thought of entering our darkened restaurant will have some believing that their eyes will adjust and that eventually they will be able to see a faint layout of the restaurant. For some, the initial reaction to being placed in a pitch-black environment is disorientating. At this stage, a simple explanation of the immense size and lay out of the restaurant is enough to put them at ease and they will re-enter.

For all the misconceptions, dining in the dark is a unique opportunity. It requires all guests to abandon, if only for a couple hours, their sense of sight. In doing so, you are forced to rely completely on the guidance of our blind wait staff and your remaining senses. It’s only when we lose our sense of sight that we realize how important our other senses are in working out the puzzle that is Dining in the Dark.

The 5 Reasons experience Dining in the Dark at Dans le Noir? Auckland restaurant

Life is about experiences: so try this unique restaurant in Auckland

You’ve been eating with the lights on your entire life. But what would happen if you removed one of the key steps in the eating process? How successfully could you adjust your eating habits if you couldn’t see? Dans le Noir? Challenges you to step out of your comfort zone to test yourself in a situation where being deprived of sight is just the beginning.


A Sensory Journey in Auckland

It is said that we eat with our eyes and I for one would agree. In the dark however, every food item and every beverage is a complete surprise. Smell and taste now become your primary senses. It’s worth remembering; if one's sense of smell is not functional, then their sense of taste will also not function due to the relationship between the taste and smell receptors.


During the menu creation process, we place a lot of emphasis on creating menus that challenge your senses. Food texture challenges your sense of touch and forces you to try and identify the food on your plate by its shape and feel. Using your hands is a great way to explore your plate; in fact, we encourage you to use your fingers from time to time as not only will this help you to identify food items, it will also ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

A Social Experience in Auckland

When you book at Dans le Noir? Auckland, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, part of which explains that you will be sharing a table with other guests. The reason for this is because the restaurant has a specific floor plan that has remained unchanged since we first opened in March 2017. This layout serves two purposes. Firstly, when you come to realise that your guides are completely blind, you’ll understand then that they need to be familiar with the layout of the restaurant. As they are responsible for guiding up to 12 people at a time in the darkness, providing a safe route for guests to and from their designated tables is paramount.


Secondly, sitting with a group of strangers encourages social behaviour. Any preconceptions that can be formed based on people’s appearances are left at the door of the restaurant. Inhibitions are often lowered in the dark which in turn can boost one’s confidence. When you know that your appearance, body language and facial expressions are completely hidden, even the shyest person in a group will become involved in table conversations.


In the time that we have been in operation, there have been numerous friendships formed through having met people for the first time in the dark. Guests who choose to continue their evening with new found friends at our lobby bar is a clear indicator that the social side of the experience was a success. 

Employment Opportunities in Auckland 

Customer satisfaction is something that most restaurants strive to attain. At Dans le Noir? employee satisfaction is equally important. When you have a visual impairment, employment opportunities are scarce. The Dans le Noir? brand has created employment for blind guides across 8 properties globally. For many, the chance to enter the workforce only became a reality when they began their roles at Dans le Noir.


Dans le Noir? Auckland was initially set up in 2017 as a “pop-up” venture destined to exist for only a few months. Thanks to the continued curiosity of the general public and great word of mouth referrals, we are about to enter our fourth year of operation. Perhaps the greatest achievement that we can attribute to this venture is the fact that our guides have all gained meaningful roles and responsibilities as Dans le Noir? hosts. We credit these employees for the ongoing success of Dans le Noir? Auckland.

Team Building : the ultimate experience to try with your colleagues in Auckland

Part of our ongoing popularity has come from various corporate groups and organisations who view the Dans le Noir? experience as an opportunity to create a unique team building activity. From global corporate entities to high profile sports teams, we have created private and bespoke events that have helped to achieve great team building goals and initiatives.


For more information about Dans le Noir? Auckland and our sister properties feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sunday 24 November 2019

Dans le Noir? Auckland hosted the Blues for a unique dining experience

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by chanael

The great New Zealand rugby team step out from its comfort zone last February for a quite different training using experiential learning.

A unique human experience

The Blues rugby team met our super heroes and Tamati and Parveen could not have been more delighted! They love rugby and are succeeding in blind sport. Passing the rugby ball was a piece of cake.

A unique sensory experience

Random seating, braille tags, surprise menus, surprise drinks: our rugby player also needed to stay healthy. We designed a special 3 course surprise menu served with 3 surprise juices for our players.

A unique social experience

Being hosted by blind waiters, in a pitch dark environment, Dans le Noir? suited perfectly the program run for The Blues Rugby team to assist players to extend their knowledge and skills, develops self-awareness and self-management, supports them to positively navigate the demands of the rugby environment and help them to advance their personal management, educational qualifications and career prospects.  

Will you be next? Come and Try the experience !

Are you a trainer looking to support people to develop competencies and capabilities to succeed? Dans le Noir? could be your perfect team building tool! We organize taylor-made events, any time of the week.

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