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More than a restaurant,
A true SENSORY, SOCIAL & human experience!
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A story of sense

Dining in pitch darkness, hosted and served by visually impaired people, may change your point of view about many preconceived ideas of the world. This unique experience will focus and sharpen your senses and enables you to taste a surprising wine & food experience adapted to this unusual context.

During this sensory journey, you will be lead by unexpected guides and you will learn to socialize in the dark!

Welcome to Dans le Noir ? at Rydges Auckland, A UNIQUE RESTAURANT IN THE HEART OF AUCKLAND CITY!


Dans le Noir ? the Restaurant

Dans le Noir ?

The restaurant


Our surprise menus

Designed by our Head Chef Luis Milla

Our talented Head Chef, Luis Milla, and his team use locally sourced fresh produce with a combination of new flavours and distinctive techniques. We aim at offering our guests the opportunity to rediscover their senses of taste, aroma & texture, in this unusual environment through a tasting experience that is both seasonal and original.

Our priority is to please our customers, therefore we always pay attention to our guest’s requirements. The food and wine matching are harmonized to offer a complete and amazing experience.

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Upcoming events

Upcoming events


Dans Le Noir?

Christmas Party

From $74 Per Person
Unique Dining Experience
Secret Santa Game in the Dark


E:   Rydges-auckland@danslenoir.com
PH:  021 333 929

Dating in the Dark

With the Soulmate Coach

In pitch dark, no judgement, no preconception.

Friday 22nd November – 7.30 pm

Contact The Soulmate Coach on 022 089 0036

Date in the Dark
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Share the experience

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