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The reveal of our surprising autumn menu at Dans le Noir ? Auckland

Dans le Noir ? Auckland is a unique restaurant where you dine in complete darkness. The food is prepared by Chef Akihiro Nakamura, and the menu is 100% surprise. This autumn, the restaurant has offered a special Japanese-inspired menu that has sure tantalized your taste buds.


  • Sensing Japanese Flavor with Crispy Wonton: This dish features four different mascarpone cheeses, each flavored with a classic Japanese ingredient: yuzu, wasabi, nori, and mentaiko. The cheeses are served with dried natto, crispy perilla, tobiko, micro herbs, and okura salsa. 



  • 12 Hours Braised Ox Tongue Katsu: This dish is made with ox tongue that has been braised for 12 hours. The tongue is then panko-crusted and fried until golden brown. It is served with smoky eggplant puree, renkon lotus root chips, roasted satsumaimo Japanese taro, aonori seaweed, Japanese daikon and cucumber pickles, fried shallots, microgreens, and teriyaki worcestershire sauce. 

7 min


  • Yaki-imo Japanese Style Slow Baked Sweet Kumara: This dish is made with kumara, a sweet potato that is native to New Zealand. The kumara is slow-baked until it is tender and then topped with sesame gelato, sesame crumble, kumara chips, house-made rum raisin, citrus segments, honey baked apple, roasted ground sesame, and brown sugar syrup. 


Our unique and sensory restaurant is a delicious and unique way to experience Japanese-fusion cuisine. If you are looking for a truly memorable dining experience, be sure to book a table at Dans le Noir ? Auckland in the heart of the CBD. 

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