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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2020: Meet Carolyn, guide at Dans le Noir? Auckland restaurant

At the occasion of International Women Day we want to introduce you during the whole week Dans le Noir ? guides from all over the world. Women living in differents countries but who are sharing the same daily life. Women who have made their disability a strength and who highly inspired our concept. his is why this week we put on the spotlight thoses who guide you in the dark.

What does it mean to be a vision impaired / blind woman in today’s society?

For me it means being able to live independently and set goals. It also provides me with the opportunity to advocate for others in the blindness community and by doing this I hope to make things better for us. Unemployment in our community is high and I want to make employers aware of the fact that blind and vision impaired women are and can be valued employees.


What woman inspires you?

There are two women I find inspiring. Firstly Helen Keller. As a Deaf / Blind Woman the expectations of her abilities were underestimated. Being able to travel and spread a strong message that no matter how bad things are you can have a fulfilled life. The second is my Mum. Without her strength and determination I would not be the active independent woman I am today. She believed in me and expected the same from me whether I was blind or not. She is an awesome lady.


Which adjective best describes you?

“Determined”. I set goals and challenges for myself and I follow through.


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