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Dans le Noir? Auckland hosted the Blues for a unique dining experience

The great New Zealand rugby team step out from its comfort zone last February for a quite different training using experiential learning.

A unique human experience

The Blues rugby team met our super heroes and Tamati and Parveen could not have been more delighted! They love rugby and are succeeding in blind sport. Passing the rugby ball was a piece of cake.

A unique sensory experience

Random seating, braille tags, surprise menus, surprise drinks: our rugby player also needed to stay healthy. We designed a special 3 course surprise menu served with 3 surprise juices for our players.

A unique social experience

Being hosted by blind waiters, in a pitch dark environment, Dans le Noir? suited perfectly the program run for The Blues Rugby team to assist players to extend their knowledge and skills, develops self-awareness and self-management, supports them to positively navigate the demands of the rugby environment and help them to advance their personal management, educational qualifications and career prospects.  

Will you be next? Come and Try the experience !

Are you a trainer looking to support people to develop competencies and capabilities to succeed? Dans le Noir? could be your perfect team building tool! We organize taylor-made events, any time of the week.