Your unforgettable Christmas Party

Your unforgettable Christmas Party

End of the year, Christmas parties on your mind?

Not only are Christmas parties a way to mingle and bond with workmates after a long year, it also plays an important role in building cultural values within a company.

We have the ideal concept for you! Be immersed in a unique culinary, social & human experience.

  • Be ready for a journey of senses
    What could be more fun than enjoying our range of surprise menus, being able to guess the ingredients of our delicious and innovative international cuisine and the colour and origin of your wine
  • Be ready to interact differently
    What could be more interesting than meeting your colleagues or friends in a completely different environment?
  • Be ready to think out of the box
    Who else but our guide to get the most out of this unique experience. “Reversing everything, the unsighted host becomes your eyes!”

The options are limitless! Surprises menus in the dark, challenges around your other senses, concert in the dark… The dining in the dark concept is at Rydges Auckland in order to organize the best Christmas ever for your team!

You can be sure this will be your best Christmas event yet!

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