On the 23rd of October, Dans le Noir? Auckland welcomed for the first time the theatre group “Voices in the dark” for an evening full of surprises. With especially designed tapas and a show in the dark, our guests’ senses have been challenged more than never before.

Tapas in the dark

Following the traditional concept of “Dining in the dark”, the guests began the experience with tasting three savory and two sweet tapas, after being guided in the dark room by Dans le Noir? blind or partially sighted staff. In pitch dark, not sure that everyone guessed what they had in their plate… What is certain is that they loved the food and the first sensory experience! Because you are seated next to strangers without cellphones, you can also enjoy a social experience and talk first about the food and after about yourself.

Voices in the dark

Once everyone savored his tapas to the very last crumb, the background music stopped to leave room for silence. The guides played a prominent role during this special night: not only did they guide and serve the guests, but they also helped the comedians to move in the room and took well care of them during and after the show. The show begins. Welcome to the “Voices in the dark” immersive auditive experience in pitch darkness. Let their human voices connect to your imaginary and listen to a one-of-a-kind theater event in pitch black. Six actors will perform for you a capella. Are you listening carefully?

What was the show about?

All about “a love story” for some, about “childhood memories” for others. The show is like a patchwork of dreams and memories combining humoristic dialogues, romantic songs, and philosophical thoughts. As the director Camille Zolesi told us, “Everyone will feel and remember a different aspect of the show”.

How about you?

If you want to live this unique social, sensory and human experience, email us at rydges-auckland@danslenoir.com. We will be glad to welcome you for our next “Voices in the dark” event!