Surprise Menus

Surprise Menus

Our cuisine

Guests can choose among a limited choice of surprise menus. This is also why the restaurant is so unique. The idea is that each guest should not know exactly what he or she will be eating… just the general category. It’s all about the flavours, aromas, textures and seasonings. It is an old principle often used in the industry called “blind tasting”.

The concept behind our menu is to re-educate our customers’ palate and mind, to make them truly experience the flavours being presented. Totally devoid of light, your eyes can’t deceive you, so, therefore, all preconceptions are gone. Your taste is enhanced and maybe this is one of the reasons why Dans le Noir? is said to be one of the best restaurants in Auckland.


Trust the chef

Trust the chef
Seafood Menu

seafood menu
Vegan Menu


Menu Options

Our prices are applicable from July 1st 2019.

Allergies and specific diets

At Dans le Noir ?, we do not ask you what you would like to eat but rather what you cannot eat. We take into account all your dietary requirements when taking the order so we always make certain you won’t have any ingredients you are allergic to or need to avoid eating for any reason. Thanks to these precautions, each visitor can explore the adventure and enjoy the great excitement of the surprise menus.


The surprise menus are adapted in various ways, according to the seasons. At Dans le Noir ?, we work mainly with fresh products, and when it’s possible we’ll use organic and seasonal vegetables, line caught fish, and free-range and grass-fed meats.
We also try to offer fair trade products. In Auckland, our cuisine is created by Luis Milla, our Head Chef. The approach of cooking at “Dans le Noir ?” is to increase your senses in the dark and to separate tastes on your plate with a pedagogical and interesting organization.
We try to make your sensory experience as complete and interesting as possible.

Wines & Drinks

Wines & Drinks



Choosing a wine with dinner is often a daunting decision, however, it is made even harder by the fact that our customers do not know what they are going to be served. Therefore, whatever your menu’s choice, you can go for a wine matching. Our sommelier has put together an excellent array of different wine and meal combinations for your convenience.


Surprise Cocktails

Our surprise cocktails begin with a fresh fruit base, and are an excellent introduction to the experience you will encounter in the dark room.
Surprise cocktails are $15. Surprise mocktails are $6.



If you prefer, you may order “À la Carte” from the Dans le Noir ? beverage list. The wine and cocktail menu has a large selection for you to choose from.


hot beverages

Hot Beverages

Coffee, tea and other hot drinks for safety reasons are not served in the dark but are available in the bar at the end of the experience.

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Chef & Sommelier

Chef & Sommelier

Luis Milla



Dans le Noir ? has been an exciting adventure. Designing a menu for such a unique experience allows me to experiment with flavours and textures in another level. Working with local ingredients, we make sure to deliver an unexpected and savoury surprise menu that people will remember for a long time.

Luis Milla
Executive Sous Chef
Dans le Noir ? Rydges Auckland