Let’s meet the guides!

Let’s meet the guides!



His story and hobbies

I am Parveen and I’m totally blind.I lost my eye sight through a car accident in 2004 in New Zealand. I like listening to radio and playing blind sports.

His job at Dans Le Noir?

I enjoy working for Dans Le Noir? because I like meeting new people, entertain them, make them happy and give them good service.



Brief biography

Hi I am Carolyn and I belong to Toastmasters and I love doing genealogy research. I enjoy listening to music and singing and reading.

Her experience as a guide

I love working at Dans le Noir. I worked in administration and never considered working in hospitality till now. The work keeps me fit and I love meeting and talking with the customers.

What I like the most in this job is the customers. Meeting so many wonderful people from all over New Zealand and overseas. I also love answering their questions about being blind and hope that in some way they learn a bit more about what we can do and how we are contributing members of the community.

Even if I think what patrons remember from this dinner is different for everyone, I hope they remember us the guides who took care of them through the experience and I hope that they enjoyed the chance to step into our world for a short time.

Last but not least,I have a lovely Lab / Retriever cross guide dog named Imogen.

“I love meeting so many wonderful people from all over New Zealand”

Brief biography

Kia Orana to all our guests. My name is Liz and I am honored to be here as a guide. I am a mother of 3 young active girls. I like to bake, listen to music and enjoy spending quality time with my girls.

Her experience as a guide

Being here at Dans le Noir? has given me so much confidence and courage to keep moving forward each day.

I love meeting new people, taking them into our shoes for a bit and letting everyone enjoy this amazing experience. Most of all, it brings my heart to joy knowing that we as partial/blind guides can lead our sighted guests into a world of darkness and bring them out with smiles around.

I think the patrons will still be questioning themselves “how did she know where to go” or “Liz do you have night vision”? Hahaha! Nope not at all!

If you are wondering hmmm… I’d like to try this, bring a friend or two and get ready for a fun night !

It brings my heart to joy knowing that we bring them out with smiles around


Her hobbies

I like to meet new people and make friends. I love shopping, watching movies, reading books, and cooking. I like listening to music and horse riding,

Her job at Dans Le Noir?

My experience as a guide at Dans Le Noir? has been amazing. What I like most in this job is giving the sighted world a taste of the world I live in every day.

The customers love the experience we provide for them. And some of them even said: “It would be hard living a blind life but you guys do it so well”!



Brief biography

My name is Luke and I’m an amateur musician of tin whistle. I have been totally blind since birth and grew up in Hunua, a rural township in south Auckland where we had a small farm.

His job at Dans Le Noir?

The gratitude and pleasure people feel after they enjoy Dans Le Noir? experience is
heartwarming, and as a guide I never get bored of that.

At Dans Le Noir? we ask people to break the mold, to challenge their preconceptions and existing perspectives, and I think this is the most rewarding part of the experience, both for the patrons and for us as guides, and the part of the experience
that burns most brightly in our customers’ memories.

This has been an amazing journey through which I’ve learnt a lot as I’ve never worked in face to face customer service or hospitality before. I’ve watched everyone learn and grow and over time form into a cohesive team, and its awesome to be part of something like this.

I think Dans Le Noir? challenges a lot of pre-conceptions for a lot of people, and I think many of our patrons walk away with a new perspective on blindness and perhaps disability in general.

We ask people to break the mold

Brief biography

Talofa lava, I am Jacinta known as Jac. I enjoy outdoors, philosophy, music, and I can play a bit of the guitar and drums. I’m into Martial Arts, spirituality, arts and crafts, love nature and the waters.

Dans Le Noir? is my part time job, it’s always something new, exciting, and fun when I’m working. I also work at Vaka Tautua, a charitable organization that aims to help improve the health and well being of Pacific people in New Zealand.

I’m usually very shy and an introvert person but once I allow people to know me, I’m a bit crazy, love to laugh, down to earth and love to hang out. As a teen I wanted to join the army or the navy because of its physical challenge and how exciting it sounded. I gradually started losing my sight at the age of 17 due to an autoimmune disease and things changed for me then.

Her job at Dans Le Noir?

I love interacting with my guests. My first priority is gaining patrons trust, once that’s established it’s a fun night ahead.

I want patrons to know that we as guides were trained by a team of highly professional trainers from Paris and London. The regulation of applying, interview, and mobility test was what we had to go through before we were hired. It’s been an exciting journey, Dans Le Noir? is like my second home, I know exactly where everything is and it often surprises my guests.

Dans Le Noir? is like my second home