Cohesion, incentive, teambuilding, business function… we have what you need!

Cohesion, incentive, teambuilding, business function… we have what you need!

Cohesion, incentive, teambuilding, business function…

we have what you need!


Organize an unforgettable function at Dans le Noir? Auckland

Have you heard about our unique concept?! Dans le Noir? is an exceptional restaurant which allows you to eat in pitch darkness guided and served by blind staff for more than 14 years worldwide. The philosophy of Dans le Noir? is to show that “disability” is a difference which can create value.

Dans le Noir? welcome corporate events for more than 14 years now:

For many reasons corporate events are very popular. Indeed, pitch darkness is a perfect tool for your functions: they will be unique, memorable and fun.  From teambuilding to afterwork through breakfast, interview, conference or concert, you can imagine everything for your next event.

We carefully organize corporate events and do tailor-made offers. We can accommodate up to 75 people in the dark room. Drinks can be served to guests in the lighted bar before and after dinner.

Dining in the dark, a real tool for your company:
  • Marketing tool: For once, your guests/employees will be focus on the content, on the product itself not on the packaging. Think about us for your next product launch or next time you want to highlight the features of your product.
  • Cohesion tool: In the dark, it is communication free! There are no hierarchy, no judgement and no shyness anymore: the perfect place for a teambuilding!
  • Human resources tool: As no one can judge in the dark, Dans le Noir? is your next office to organize interviews!
  • Innovation tool: Do you want to make a difference? Come and organize a unique function with us. We have lots of ideas for you: conferences, concert, tasting in the dark.
Be original and make the difference!                        

If you are you looking to organize a unique and unforgettable event, “Dans le Noir?” is what you are looking for. Whether you want to:

  • Reward your team for their good performances
  • Celebrate special events (Christmas party, Company anniversary, Incentives)
  • Develop your ideas in the dark (brainstorming – product launches – press conferences)
  • Improve your employees’ skills and give them positive values (teambuilding – cohesion)
  • Thank your client and make them live an unforgettable experience in pitch darkness

They trusted us, is it your turn next? You can contact us at or call us on 021 333 929