About us

About us

Dans le Noir ? Company:
From a small inclusive restaurant to an international project

Ethik Investment Group was founded in 2003 by Edouard de Broglie, a specialist and author about innovation and Social Responsibility. As an Entrepreneur, Edouard was successful on the IT and NTIC market and decided to reinvest its profits in a useful idea. He met many foundations all over Europe looking for a good fit. He finally met with blind foundations in France, Germany and Switzerland organizing dinner in the dark to raise awareness about disability.

The concept was originally developed in 1997 by Michel Reilhac in cooperation with Paul Guinot, a major blind foundation in France. As an ex-marketing expert for major communication groups as Young & Rubicam or Havas, Edouard immediately understood the high potential of the concept as a business useful for people. He proposed Paul Guinot foundation to set up a model for a profitable company employing a high percentage of visually impaired people.

A few months later, without any banks, investors, public or charity support, the first permanent private restaurant in the dark open in Paris, rue Quicampoix.

Success was really fast thanks to a huge national and worldwide press support for the venture and their clients did the rest with an intense word of mouth. Soon the restaurant will be booked up to two month in advance.

Dans le Noir ? expanded over Europe with permanent restaurant in London, Barcelona, St Petersburg and all over the world with pop up restaurants in cities like New York, Bangkok, Riyadh, Nairobi, Geneva, Warsaw, …

As an independent group Ethik Investment / Dans le Noir ? is now expanding through different activities:

Dans le Noir ? Restaurant – Dining in the dark guided and served by blind people

Dans le Noir ? the Spa – Living a real moment of relaxation and well-being thanks to our professional blind masseur

Dans le Noir ? Sensorial Shops – Tasting in the pitch darkness high quality food selected by a team of sensory experts

Dans le Noir ? Blind Tasting Awards – The very first selection of sensory quality products based on blind tasting in the dark

Dans le Noir ? Otra Vista Social Club – Organize parties all over the world to mix people with difference through a brand new innovative concept

Ethik Investment also develops a B to B expertise with 3 main departments:

Ethik Event – Events department with extensive expertises in blind tasting, other sensory experiences and inclusion of diversity

Ethik Management – Training and consulting to improve productive difference integration at work

Ethik Image – Communication through Social Responsibility and Difference / Strategic planning to transform social responsibility into a profitable business

The group has around 70 permanent staff members including management, not including franchises and temporary staff. 50% of our staff has a disability…but we prefer to say differently abled!

After more than a million guests throughout our various experiences, Dans le Noir ? became one of the disability’s largest positive awareness experience in Europe and the world, and has remained a profitable and independent company since 2004.

Edouard De Broglie

“Even if New Zealand is very far from France, it is not a very different country culturally speaking! French and Kiwis share a lot of common interests such as wine, sailing and playing rugby… This was one of my old dreams: bringing pitch darkness to the All Blacks! In fact we are very proud to open the first restaurant in south pacific with Rydges Auckland. We were lucky to find here a great partner sharing most of our values.
I hope the restaurant will be as successful as in London and other cities where we are very famous. I think Kiwis are curious about taste and cuisine. I am also convinced that they are sensitive to social innovation and fair economy. Dans le Noir? is a fantastic environment to socialise with a more free and authentic communication, eradicating preconception and shyness. It’s a once life time experience. Like it or not… but come in and try it!
As we often say in our company: “A good experience is better than a long speech!”
Edouard de Broglie – Chairman Ethik Investment group – Founder of Dans le Noir ?


Rydges Auckland

Rydges Auckland



RYDGES AUCKLAND has an enviable reputation as an urban haven located in the heart of auckland city, a 267 room contemporary 4.5 star hotel, including 3 suites and 9 full self-contained executive suites.

The central location boasts breath-taking views over the city and the Waitemata Harbour, Rydges Auckland is just a short stroll away from Queen and High Street shopping, the entertainment precinct of the Viaduct Harbour and the iconic Sky Tower…

All making Rydges Auckland perfect for any occasion.








“When we heard that Dans le Noir ? was planning on opening a new restaurant in Auckland (the first in the Pacific region!) we were very excited. We initially started thinking about the business opportunity and the visibility it could bring to our hotel. Then, after meeting and working with Chanael and her team, we realised that it was so much bigger than that.
In order to offer this unique human & sensory experience at Rydges Auckland, we have involved the entire team and we are all very proud to be part of it and to be joined by blind or low vision colleagues.
This innovative project requires us to think outside the box to be efficient, creative and make it happen successfully. Furthermore, placing our guests in an environment that is completely different to any dining situation that they have experienced before is a great challenge, giving them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a dining experience without the day to day distractions – Where taste, hearing and communication become so important. That’s where the fun begins!”
James BILLING – General Manager – Rydges Auckland





A clear price for a true experience!

The most frequently asked questions of our visitors are around the quality of the cuisine and the price of the experience. It seems natural to us to explain our policy.
You can read our FAQ page for other questions you may have about the concept.

Our kitchen: Flavours / Freshness / Fair-trade / Organic as we can

Dans le Noir ? at Rydges Auckland kitchen propose a semi-gastronomical modern international cuisine adapted to the context. Our cuisine primarily contains fresh, natural and when possible organic and fair trade products in order to extract the maximum flavours. Indeed darkness leaves us without any reference, and we are faced with a new truth: if the blind are without vision, we are to some extent handicapped by our nose and palate. We all have our impairments; though we prefer to say we all have our differences.

It is thus necessary to re-consider our idea of taste as it is influenced by appearance and “packaging”, largely amplified by contemporary marketing.

A lot of guests will find some food insipid (white fish for example) whereas they would find them tasty in full light. On the other hand, other products, as vegetables, usually leaving us indifferent take a particular relief in the dark.

This is particularly true about wine. We are suddenly less of the specialist or amateur without the support of a label!

Prices: Most accessible possible!

As for the price, we try to make this experience as accessible as possible for everybody. Nevertheless, it should be considered that “Dans le Noir ?” and Rydges do not receive any help for the employment of people with disabilities (more or less 50% of our staff).

The price of your meal, which can thus appear high, is in fact extremely modest if you consider that “Dans le Noir?” requires a more secure space and a bigger staff than any ordinary restaurant (for logistics and safety reasons). A $22 part of the meal can be considered as an access fee to the experience.

About 10% of our profits finance, A Light For Africa, an international program created in 2014 to support child and education.

Questions more than answers!

The main idea of Dans le Noir ? is that your visit to one of our venues will bring to your mind questions about your senses, your relations with the others, and your perception of disability and difference. However, we never claim to bring answers to these complex questions.

With more than 600 articles worldwide and multiple awards, Dans le Noir ? became a reference of socially useful companies.

Dans le Noir ? is also providing consulting and services for large corporations, private companies and local administrations (press conference, internal communication, team building, brainstorming, seminars, etc.) through its sub company Ethik Connection. The events are organized in our restaurants but also in many other places all over the word (hotels, company offices, public cultural centers). Please see our Events & Functions page for more information.

Please review
Guests’ happiness is our main concern.

Dans le Noir ? recently set up a quality program to improve our services, using guest feedback. You can fill out our quality questionnaire to help us improve future experiences. Any remark, complaint, question or corporate message can also be sent to our quality department by email at rydges-auckland@danslenoir.com

With more than one million visitors since its opening in 2004, the reputation of Dans le Noir ? restaurant is spreading all over Europe thanks to media and through word of mouth.

We would like to point out that Dans le Noir ? is like any other business. We’ve chosen not to receive any state or council funding due to our particular employees and we don’t benefit from cost reduction or any private or charity funding. Our profits are mostly used to develop our activity all over the world. Moreover, after tax, up to 10% of the benefits are dispatched to charities and to finance our own charity program for child and education.

In order to welcome you and to make your experience a very unique moment, our team performs their roles every day. It is not always easy. Our best support is you and your opinion is important to us! Help spread the word by telling your friends and family about this experience or go to the following websites to comment. People often review to complain, but rarely leave good feedbacks about their experience!

Click here to leave your feedback on Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, Zomato or Yelp. (More pages are coming soon).

We’ve provided unforgettable experiences for nearly 13 years, and our best publicity is your satisfaction!
Thank you!




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